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Title: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: ReDucTor on November 27, 2010, 01:23:26 am
Well, figured I'd start the first get-to-know you thread.

Stuff that is good to know
- Location
- Server management experience
- Programming experience
- Age (if you dare)
- Possibly other hobbies

Well I'll start.
I'm ReDucTor also known as James Mitchell in real life.

I have alot of server management experience, first started running servers when I was about 14, running linux based hosting servers, grew to the stage of running about 7-8 servers with around 50+ different sites, I stopped doing this when I was about 18, gave it up, sold it off. Started to get back into running servers again, running a few Counter-strike 1.6 servers.

Programming experience, started programming when I was about 8-9 while on an old Amstard CPC6128, we had limited disks with games, but had a massive book which had games in the appendices, so started by building these games, all done using Amstrad BASIC, after this my family got a Windows 95 machine, started playing with some VB and C++, then when I was 12-13 moving into High School my mother thought it would be a great idea to get us our own computers, so I built my self a machine installed Windows 98, thats when I really got into programming in C++, haven't really stopped since. I have experience in BASIC, C, C++, C#, VB, Assembly, PHP, Perl, shit loads more, but these are my stronger languages.

Currently I've gone back to studying (after rage quiting my last job as all around IT guy for 6yrs) doing a Bachelor Degree in Game Development (Programming), while doing network support and casual teaching of Games Programming.

My age, well I'm 24, turning 25 in about about a month.

I also play a shit load of Counter-strike 1.6.
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Manhim on November 27, 2010, 02:01:28 am
I'm Marc André "Manhim" Audet.

I am from Montreal, Canada.

I have been managing multiple kind of servers for multiple different purposes throughout my life, I mostly started at the age of 14 with some easy Half-Life-based games (CS 1.6) hosting on a Windows machine I had at home, later, near the age of 15-16, I openned a video game server business named SteelServers that was running on Windows Server using TCAdmin to control the game servers and the company got shut down a bit later. Then I started using Linux servers more specifically the CentOS distribution for fun mostly and personal web hosting on dedicated machines. Today I have a CentOS prodution server in a data-center located at Montreal, Canada and multiple test boxes located at different locations.

At the age of 11 I created my very first website and started having an interest in the more specific field of Web programming because I already knew it was the future. I then started developing my own solutions in PHP and widen my knowledge to software programming with C# and C++ and SQL databases like MySQL and MSSQL and still have interest into learning more programming languages.

Languages that I know: C (basics), C++ (basics), C# (advanced), Mono C# with GTK# (basics), PHP (expert), Java (basics)
Languages that I'd like to know: Vala, Go

I'm currently studying in general computer programming and I would like to either live-off my hosting company or a company I started with a friend not long time ago in the software range. My plan-b is network-programmer/protocol designer for softwares and video games and plan-c is combat helicopter pilot for the military (totally unrelated). O, I also live-off web-programming contracts (mostly) and sometimes softwares contracts.

I am 20 years old and 21 in about a month :) .
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: deoxxa on November 27, 2010, 02:56:25 am
Hey! I'm Conrad, or "deoxxa" around here. I also go by another name, "MasterCJ", but am trying to keep my programming/development stuff under the name deoxxa.

I was born and raised in Queensland, Australia. I've lived mostly in or around the Brisbane area most of my life with short stints on the Sunshine Coast and further inland. Right now however I'm in Osaka, Japan in a little place called Hirano. Lately I've been spending a few months here and there in Japan to learn about the language, culture, people etc. It's a lot of fun. I'm 21 years old right now.

I've always been interested in technology, though it was only relatively recently that I became interested in programming. I was 17 I believe when I first started learning perl to write an IRC bot and stuck with it for the next year or so. At this point I became interested in web development, writing a few simple CRUD applications, learning PHP and SQL along the way. Needless to say, my web design skills were horrific back then (Orange and grey? What was I thinking?!) but I like to think I've improved on them somewhat now. At the same time as learning about programming, I was learning about unix. I'd dabbled with Linux a little in high school after I bought a magazine with a copy of Mandrake on the cover, but never learnt much about it. A friend taught me some stuff about FreeBSD, so I think I got off to a good start there. Now days I'm part-owner of a company in Australia that deals with telecommunication and customer data, we run a website that's somewhat like the white pages on steroids and that pays my bills, allowing me to travel and spend a lot of time doing things I enjoy.

I've got pretty strong skills in PHP and perl, having undertaken the task of writing a web framework in PHP (which you can find here (https://github.com/elasticphp) and here (http://redmine.fknsrs.biz/projects/elastic)). I would like to build on my skills in PHP and learn Ruby in the near future. My c++ is still relatively weak, but I'm getting the hang of it. Luckily most programming skills transfer from language to language pretty well.

As for hobbies and such, I make music as well in my spare time, I have some up on my website at http://mastercj.net/music (http://mastercj.net/music). Before anyone comments on it, yes I'm aware that page is in dire need of a redesign. Additionally I enjoy watching movies and keeping up with a few TV series. Currently I'm following Burn Notice, Doctor House, Supernatural, Dexter and a few Japanese shows.

Right now I'm just enjoying life, learning as much as I can about the things I enjoy and finding out how the world works.
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Empty on November 27, 2010, 01:46:31 pm
Whats up all!

My name is Martin Tibbs, however I usually go under the name Empty (MT - my initials).

Im mainly a musician/work with sound but I've been using PC's since the old 386 days. I've done C++ in college but that means nothing as I hate coding. I've got a good knowledge of computers and have some strange talent to point out the obvious things that most people overlook.

I've been running a Minecraft server for a few months and really had a headache with it all ;)

Im currently residing in the UK but have been known to travel to other countries for years at a time (mostly work related).

The reason I took the time to join up is because most Minecraft projects are small and easily managed by a couple people. This one is bigger and will most likely need an active team of people to help out, so I'll hang around on the fourms and  hopefully offer advice, help and my usual idiocy :) I believe this project has much potential!

Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: nathacof on November 28, 2010, 02:51:33 am
Hey Guys,

My name is Nathan Coffield, and here's my infos!

- Location: Mountain View, California
- Server management experience: Worked for Dell tech support during high school, moved on to work at HostMySite.com|Hosting.com first as a Dedicated Server Engineer, and finally as an Sr. Operations Technician, and, currently working as an Operations Engineer for Facebook
- Programming experience: 2 years AP Computer Science (C++) in HS, some experience with C, very experienced in PHP, and learning to love Python.
- Age (if you dare): 25
- Possibly other hobbies: I'm going to be a daddy! :)
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Kane on November 28, 2010, 01:32:17 pm
Hello all,

My name is Kane Hart and I don't do do anything really exciting in my life. I enjoy and run game servers and I also like to help out and test and encourage people and try to work with them offering suggestions and such how to better my players but it usually tending to be rewarding for both parties as they learn a little bit of what the outside world would like to see =)

I been running game servers for over 10 years now and yes I'm 25 years old =(. I hope someday to work full time in some kind of IT placement.

Also I live in Ontario, Canada and DAMN ITS SNOWING =)
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Fador on November 29, 2010, 10:37:09 pm
Hi! I'm Fador or as some people (rarely) call me, Marko Viitanen.

I'm located in Tampere, Finland.

I've had some "home servers" for over 10 years but just recently bought a real server in which I run a website of my own (and also mineserver.be).

I first started programming when I was something like 14 year old. My dad was on a C-course and had some material in Finnish so I started reading it and coding on my own. Something simple like text adventures ;) I didn't do much programming back in the days but like 5 years later I started to code again. And I also started with PHP and other languages like Java,Flash Actionscript and Javascript.

I'm employed and I also study in Tampere University of Technology. I study computer systems, not so much programming, hardware related stuff like VHDL only. Altough I've been taking more programming courses lately for fun ;). I've earlier this year made my Bachelor of Science thesis (http://fador.be/kandityo_Marko_Viitanen_2010.pdf) (some courses still missing!) and aiming for MSc degree. I been working for two years as a research assistant in a video compression related project where I do some C and VHDL coding. So I'm not so experienced in C++.

Age: 26

Other hobbies: Girlfriend is a hobby?

I started this mineserver project mostly because I needed some lightweight server for myself and I was sure I could do a better job than Notch ;) But for some reason other people got interested and here we are =D

Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: nathacof on November 30, 2010, 02:08:03 am
I started this mineserver project mostly because I needed some lightweight server for myself and I was sure I could do a better job than Notch ;) But for some reason other people got interested and here we are =D

I <3 you!
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: bakkdoor on December 03, 2010, 03:40:09 pm
Hi, I found out about this a few days ago and gave it a try. Seems to have lots of potential =)

About me:

My name is Christopher Bertels.

- Location:
Osnabrück, Germany. Studying Computer Science & Philosophy.

- Server management experience
I've been running a server for me and 3 other guys for a couple of years.. Mostly web related stuff (php, mysql databases, ruby on rails sites etc) but also other stuff (teamspeak, minecraft etc)

- Programming experience
Got experience in: Ruby (very good), C++ (good enough I guess), C (same), Common Lisp (medium), php (little), C# (good), Java (medium) and some other languages

- Age (if you dare)
23 =)

- Possibly other hobbies
Mostly working on Fancy, a little dynamic programming language (running on the Rubinius Ruby VM) I created the beginning of this year.

Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: kiki64 on December 04, 2010, 04:15:00 pm
My name is Sean Olig.

- Location
Currently: Platteville, Wisconsin, United States studying software engineering.

- Server management experience
I don't have a lot experience writing servers besides for class which is currently all in java.
Most of the time though I am the one running game servers during lan parties.  Most of the time TF2, Alien Swarm, CS:S, and the list goes on.
I do however manage a few websites and their development but they don't have anything to intricate.

- Programming experience
I started programming around the rise of Neopets popularity.  They had a customizable store front which was editable though html and css.  Now I have experience with: java, c++, php, ajax, mysql, and a bit of perl.  I am currently in the process of writing a session management system for the gaming that is held within one of my organization on campus in php.
I have only 1 year of C++ in college (very basic so far) so I am not that fast but I do test what I write probably more then a few lines of code need to be.

- Age (if you dare)
I am currently 19.

- Possibly other hobbies
Soccer, TF2, using linux ( don't know the environment well enough yet), learning atmosphere of open source and the knowledge I have already learned.

It has also started snowing at my location yesterday.   :D
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Tellan on January 01, 2011, 08:41:52 am
Name is Jacob Barnes and I live in sunny Florida!(why wont this thermometer go down!)

Not much server experience here but I played with apache and ubuntu but with no success so my projects are hosted on those random free hosting sites.

My programming hasn't extended far just yet. I know all the web langs pretty well and a bit of C++.

Age: Access Denied

This looks like a great project and I hope it keeps going. This is the only Minecraft server other than the java one by Notch so I better hope it keeps going :P
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Glotty on January 03, 2011, 08:45:45 pm
Well here goes, As far as the interwebs goes im known as Glotty or some variation of it, in real life i go by Phil.

North East, UK

Server management experience:
I've not ran servers on a massive scale, just here and there to cater to my needs or help others out. In the past ive ran several different types of server, Oracle, development, web hosting and gaming using a variety of OS's. At the moment i currently run 2 websites and one gaming server (VPS for minecraft  so i dont really count this lol)

Programming experience:
Started at a young age, initially with Qbasic making simple text games or menu interfaces moving onto Vbasic then C++. I always had an interest in programming because of my father and he helped me develop these skills. By the time i was in college it could be argued i knew more than the lecturers about the subjects they were teaching, helping other students with their work etc. During University i stopped C++ development in my own time, and got more into web development (odd i know) now my main focus is PHP and java.

Age (if you dare):

Possibly other hobbies:
what are hobbies? :P
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: Xaymar on February 03, 2011, 07:59:16 pm
Name(s): Xaymar, CGamer; RL: Michael
Age: 17 turning 18 on 07/21/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Location: North West Germany

Server management experience:
I'd say quite a lot, depending on which Game Server you want. I know mostly everything about GoldSrc/Source Game Servers, Apache, MySQL, hMailServer and some other.
My main weakness while managing servers is finding the error. Usually the error reports are as good as an empty piece of paper or are non-existent. I only used Windows Server for hosting though.

Programming experience:
I started programming with AmigaBlitz at somewhat around 2000(I had an Amiga back then) and slowly moved on to Windows based PCs. Next language I remember that I knew is BASIC, which was not enough for me, so I moved on to something similar to AmigaBlitz. BlitzBasic was the next one. I still do stuff in that language, as its 3D and GUI successor(and now Basic-OOP too). Now I've arrived at C++ and it seems OK and really fast. Though the compiler sometimes decides to go "I have a free day" at me, but otherwise, I like the syntax.
I know PHP, JS, HTML(3.1 Transitional,5 Strict), some Java, some Flash, some Batch and that was it actually.

Language: German // Learned(at school): English
Hobbies: Programming(obviously), Reading

Nothing much... I'm not more than an average Developer that uses his free time for developing Indie Games and other stuff.
Also keep the good work up on Mineserver. I'd like to help, but I lack the knowledge of Crossplatform-compatible-programming ;) . I can help with plugins though.
Title: Re: Introduction, who are you?
Post by: xoft on February 19, 2011, 08:53:28 pm
Alright, why not, after all :)

I'm Mattes Dolak, generally known around the web as xoft.

I live in the heart of Europe, Czech republic.

There aren't many servers that I've touched, really; management is for the ordinary geeks, I prefer writing stuff :) I think I know my way around, though, I can setup a server for a (mineserver ;) lan party and I have a customised NAS at home and a regularly used remotedesktop server. Just the basics.

As for programming, I do it for living, so the experience should be good enough. I do mostly C/C++, some Delphi / Pascal, I used to do ASM, though not anymore. Since Linux seems to hate me, I'm tied to Windows. I consider myself an expert on WinAPI and rather experienced in socket programming, memory management, multithreading issues. I specialize in vector graphics, graph algorithms, communication protocols and code architecture design.

I speak Czech and English, understand German, can read (and understand a little) Russian.

Hmm, age? Dunno, it changes each year, who's to remember? Around 29, I think.

Other hobbies: ballroom dancing (waltz, slowfox, quickstep ;) , making music, bike riding and taking care of my two cats.