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  November 15, 2018, 12:31:55 pm
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1  Mineserver / Discussion / Kind-of-a-Spam-Problem? on: April 02, 2011, 12:02:31 pm seems to have a spambot problem right now, but why is nobody actively fighting it?
(with actively I mean anti-spam addons for smf. Most of them are SMF 2 though, which is what I use.)
2  Mineserver / Servers / L0 | Minecraft (WinRel Builds only) on: March 30, 2011, 01:44:31 pm
L0 | Minecraft

This is just another Mineserver Minecraft server. Runs partly fine, except from the crazy lag that occurs with executing commands.
Maximum Players: 16 (when Final is out: 64)
Whitelist: Maybe
Worlds: For every mapgen one.(0-4)

Whitelist request Thread
3  Mineserver / Support / Re: [SOLVED]Search paths on: March 26, 2011, 11:52:55 am
Okay it is not solved. It only runs when using telnet or a batch script to run it but won't without them.
It simply returns "0x1" to the Task Manager. (Logon Type 4/Batch Logon)

Edit: Mineserver requires Logon Type 5 for some reason. Solved again.
4  Mineserver / Support / Re: Search paths on: March 25, 2011, 04:13:06 pm
Information 3/25/2011 15:07:16 102 Task completed (2) 21975769-ad26-4895-9895-5f48f0f76bc5
Information 3/25/2011 15:07:16 201 Action completed (2) 21975769-ad26-4895-9895-5f48f0f76bc5
Information 3/25/2011 15:07:16 129 Created Task Process Info
Information 3/25/2011 15:07:16 100 Task Started (1) 21975769-ad26-4895-9895-5f48f0f76bc5
Information 3/25/2011 15:07:16 200 Action started (1) 21975769-ad26-4895-9895-5f48f0f76bc5
Didn't work :/
Now I get:
Unrecognised data!
As an error.

Edit: heres what i get now:
Microsoft Telnet Server.
C:\Users\ServerManager>cd /D ../../mcserver/

mineserver.cpp::main(): Using config: C:\Users\ServerManager\AppData\Roaming/.mi
mineserver.cpp::Mineserver::init(): = "."
mineserver.cpp::Mineserver::init(): system.path.plugins = "."
mineserver.cpp::Mineserver::init(): system.path.home = "."
mineserver.cpp::Mineserver::init(): system.pid_file = ""
[17:12:52] mineserver.cpp::Mineserver::init(): Welcome to Mineserver v0.1.15 (Al
[17:12:52] Plugin: Loading: ./commands.dll
[17:12:52] plugin.commands: Loaded commands!
[17:12:52] Plugin: Loading: ./filelog.dll
[17:12:52] plugin.filelog: Loaded Filelog
[17:12:52] plugin.filelog: Logging to mineserver.log


Edit: works now.
5  Mineserver / Support / [SOLVED]Search paths on: March 25, 2011, 12:17:56 am
# Search paths
# Note: leading tilde '~' is treated as $HOME    = "../files";
system.path.plugins = ".";
system.path.home    = ".";
system.pid_file     = "";
What do I do with them to make it work again? All Data is located at C:\MCServer\ including worlds.
6  Mineserver / Support / v8 -> v9 = bit playable -> unplayable? on: February 28, 2011, 02:33:09 am
Apparently the Windows builds of Mineserver don't run so well for some reason.
Whenever a client connects, it has a 10% chance of succeeding into login and another 20% chance of getting actually spawned.
However when you get spawned, the only place where I managed to build was IN the spawnzone. Everytime I wanted to build more I had to extend it. And if I don't do that and walk a bit further, the Client locks up with a black screen and the server just crashes.

So any Idea whats wrong?

# Mineserver configuration

# Include item alias config file
include "item_alias.cfg";

# Interface.
system.interface.use_cli = true;

# Server name
system.server_name = "L0 | Minecraft";

# Validate usernames against
system.user_validation = false;

# Disclose Software Version
system.show_version = true;

# Userlimit
system.user_limit = 255;

# IP
net.ip = "";

# Port
net.port = 25565;

# Write the PID of the server to this file
system.pid_file = "";

# Server administrator authentication password
# Used for core commands like shutdown and loadplugin
# IMPORTANT: Change this!!
system.admin.password = "*****************************************************************************";

# 0 = Normal Map
# 1 = Nether Map
# ...
# Map directory : Generator ();
# WORLD ARE LOADED ALPHABETICALLY. you have been warned ;P += ("A-Homeworld":0); += ("B-Nether":1); += ("C-Heaven":2);

# Localisation strings
strings.wrong_protocol = "Wrong protocol version";
strings.server_full = "Server is currently full";

# Physics options
system.physics.enabled = false;

# Enable PvP ?
system.pvp.enabled = true;

# Enable area damage?
system.damage.enabled = true;

# true = Only helmets in helmet slot, false = any block in helmet slot (fun!)
system.armour.helmet_strict = true;

furnace.items.stone = ("in":4, "out":1, "meta":0, "count":1); = ("in":14, "out":266, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.iron = ("in":15, "out":265, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.charcoal = ("in":17, "out":263, "meta":1, "count":1);
furnace.items.diamond = ("in":56, "out":264, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.lapiz = ("in":21, "out":351, "meta":4, "count":6); = ("in":12, "out":20, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.pork = ("in":319, "out":320, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.clay = ("in":337, "out":336, "meta":0, "count":1); = ("in":349, "out":350, "meta":0, "count":1);
furnace.items.cactus = ("in": 81, "out":351, "meta":2, "count":1);

# Save generated chunks which are not changed?
#  Will generate the chunks again if false.
map.save_unchanged_chunks = true;

# Map save interval in seconds, 0 = off
map.save_interval = 1800;

# Map generator parameters

# Generate spawn area in advance
map.generate_spawn.enabled = true;
map.generate_spawn.size = 5;
map.generate_spawn.show_progress = true;

# Time that grass takes to spread to the next block, in seconds
# Please note that zero is a VERY bad idea.
mapgen.grassrate = 10;
mapgen.croprate = 10;
mapgen.cactusrate = 10;
mapgen.reedrate = 10;
# Max height
mapgen.cactusmax = 4;
mapgen.reedmax = 5;

# Generate flatgrass map instead of normal map
mapgen.flatgrass = false;

# Snow instead of grass
mapgen.winter.enabled = false;

# Sea level
mapgen.sea.level = 62;

# Add Ore
mapgen.addore = true;

# Generate trees
mapgen.trees.enabled = true;

# Generate caves
mapgen.caves.enabled = false;

# Smaller number = smaller caves
mapgen.caves.size = 15;

# Do not modify if not sure what this is
# Used in: if(caveNoise.GetValue(x,y,z) < caveTreshold)
mapgen.caves.treshold = 0.05;

mapgen.caves.lava = true;

# Expand beaches (Experimental)
mapgen.beaches.expand = false;
mapgen.beaches.extent = 10;
mapgen.beaches.height = 2;

# Plugin loading
# The syntax is as follows:
# > system.plugins += ("<name>":"[location]");
# Alternatively you can do this:
# > = "[location]"
# If you use the second syntax, you're limited to [a-zA-Z0-9_]+ for the name.
# It's probably not a great idea to use any characters other than that anyway.
# <plugin name>
# The plugin name is whatever you like, it will be passed to the plugin so it
# can use it as a sort of instance name. For example if you have two different
# ban lists (for some reason), you could have them both operating at once by
# giving them unique identifiers.
# [location]
# The location is optional. If it's a zero-length string, mineserver tries to
# load it from within the main binary. Instructions on how to compile plugins
# into mineserver are pending, but it basically involves just compiling the
# plugin to an object file then linking it to the mineserver binary when it's
# built. If you omit the .dll/.so part of the filename, mineserver will try to
# add it automatically.
# More information on this topic will be covered on the wiki Soon (tm).

system.plugins = ();
#system.plugins += ("test_1":"./test_1");
#system.plugins += ("test_2":"./test_2");
#system.plugins += ("test_3":"./test_3");
#system.plugins += ("test_4a":"./test_4");
#system.plugins += ("test_4b":"./test_4");
#system.plugins += ("test_4c":"./test_4");
system.plugins += ("command":"./command");
#system.plugins += ("nether":"./nether");
system.plugins += ("filelog":"./filelog");
system.plugins += ("flatpermissions":"./flatpermissions");
#system.plugins += ("cursesui":"./cursesui");
#system.plugins += ("banlist":"./banlist");
#system.plugins += ("whitelist":"./whitelist");

Edit: OS-Windows Server 2008 64bit IP-
7  Mineserver / Development / Re: Roadmap/ToDo? on: February 28, 2011, 02:16:07 am
Oh right... Now i remember where I got the idea from again xD
8  Mineserver / Development / Re: Roadmap/ToDo? on: February 28, 2011, 01:54:54 am
9  General / Off Topic / Re: Introduction, who are you? on: February 03, 2011, 07:59:16 pm
Name(s): Xaymar, CGamer; RL: Michael
Age: 17 turning 18 on 07/21/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY)
Location: North West Germany

Server management experience:
I'd say quite a lot, depending on which Game Server you want. I know mostly everything about GoldSrc/Source Game Servers, Apache, MySQL, hMailServer and some other.
My main weakness while managing servers is finding the error. Usually the error reports are as good as an empty piece of paper or are non-existent. I only used Windows Server for hosting though.

Programming experience:
I started programming with AmigaBlitz at somewhat around 2000(I had an Amiga back then) and slowly moved on to Windows based PCs. Next language I remember that I knew is BASIC, which was not enough for me, so I moved on to something similar to AmigaBlitz. BlitzBasic was the next one. I still do stuff in that language, as its 3D and GUI successor(and now Basic-OOP too). Now I've arrived at C++ and it seems OK and really fast. Though the compiler sometimes decides to go "I have a free day" at me, but otherwise, I like the syntax.
I know PHP, JS, HTML(3.1 Transitional,5 Strict), some Java, some Flash, some Batch and that was it actually.

Language: German // Learned(at school): English
Hobbies: Programming(obviously), Reading

Nothing much... I'm not more than an average Developer that uses his free time for developing Indie Games and other stuff.
Also keep the good work up on Mineserver. I'd like to help, but I lack the knowledge of Crossplatform-compatible-programming Wink . I can help with plugins though.
10  Mineserver / Support / Complete World is Tundra... on: February 02, 2011, 01:52:09 am
I've started using Mineserver somewhat recently but all maps I got are all covered with snow.
Including Nether.

So... what did I do wrong?
11  Mineserver / Discussion / Re: Mineserver Runs On... (post your specs) on: February 02, 2011, 01:47:24 am
runs partly on:
  • Intel Xeon E5506 @ 4x 2.13Ghz (Dual CPU)
  • 2GB (1x2GB) RAM
  • Windows Server RC2 SP2

Playing on the same machine is possible to me too (finally), but I like things not running on my Comp, gotta use that RAM for something.
12  Mineserver / Discussion / /world possible explanation on: February 02, 2011, 01:41:02 am
I think /help answers some of it but heres what I've found out:

Since Worlds are loaded alphabetically, it's best to have some sort of identifier for them (1,2,3 / A,B,C / ...). I used A,B,C,... for my Worlds, though I keep having problems with changing Worlds(Client crash).

My World config looks like this:
# 0 = Normal Map
# 1 = Nether Map
# 2 = Floating Islands Map
# ...
# Map directory : Generator ();
# WORLD ARE LOADED ALPHABETICALLY. you have been warned ;P += ("A-Homeworld":0); #ID 0 += ("B-Nether":1); #ID 1 += ("C-Heaven":2); #ID 2

This means that "/world 0" would be "A-Homeworld", but I can't prove it, because I get this:
Info from plugin.command: Command Plugin got from Xaymar: world
and then a magic disconnect with a serverside crash(Windows Server 2008 RC2 SP2).

Thats all I can tell by the current release. Sorry if it didn't help much, but I can't find out much more.
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