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  November 16, 2018, 03:10:47 am
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1  Mineserver / Support / Re: Importing world in 1.3.1 servers? on: January 03, 2013, 09:18:24 am
Wow Fador thank you for that detailed reply. As much as I'd like to contribute I get the impression that it wouldnt be too helpful as I am using an outdated server and client, im sure the last thing the developers want to do is support several versions of the server software. Someone would have to create a seperate fork for all the fixes to the above problems and compile it just for me - I know over the line when I see it.

I just wish things had gone a little smoother, if be able to easily get away from this bloated system  Undecided
2  Mineserver / Support / Re: Importing world in 1.3.1 servers? on: January 03, 2013, 08:00:18 am
I haven't compiled mineserver in while but I think entities like cows, pigs are generated on the fly and aren't saved into the world files.

The missing animal hurt sounds are pretty simple, just need to add the code to send that packet when the event occurs.

A world importer would be very nice, not sure how easy it would be.
Hold on animals have to be saved somewhere - they appear every time I log in. And the player inventory shows up ok - i had all my stuff (out of order) minus map functionality.

I feel like animals probably work fine on mineserver if they are generated BY mineserver. Just curious what the difference between stock animals and mineserver animals is.  Huh
3  Mineserver / Support / Importing world in 1.3.1 servers? on: January 02, 2013, 09:41:38 pm
Hi there. I'm hosting a minecraft server for me and a few buddies using my old server. The server stats are: Abit NF7-S, Athlon xp 2400+ @ 2GHz, 1 GB ram running on windows xp 32-bit.

I started out using McMyAdmin and the 1.3.1 minecraft jar to create the world. NO plugins or mods. Because I want this server to be able to do other server things I'd like to switch to  mine server.

I installed [   08-Aug-2012 01:23    1.8M   Minecraft 1.3.1 compatible, threaded user validation and some fixes] and started it up - after letting it generate a world i shut the server down and  deleted the contents of A-world and replaced them with a copy of my servers world. After restarting a few bugs came up and I'm wondering if there is a way to mitigate/prevent them:

1. Sound issue - footsteps don't seem to be made when im connected to this server. animal pain/hit noises aren't registering either (at least not most of the time, i got one cow to make a noise out of 8 or so animals killed).

2. My map is blank and wont re-populate with info as I walk around.

3. Pigs fly - a few animals spawned that weren't there before and some of them were glitching between the ground and about 8-10 blocks up, rapidly switching locations. Not a big deal as there weren't many and they could be killed easily.

4. My inventory was askew - all the items were there but many things i had equipped were placed in my inventory. Again not a big deal just points to a loop being out of order (i guess).

5. My animal pens contents were gone. Gone! 30+ cows, pigs and chickens were replaced with ... 1 sheep and 1 chicken.

6. The server says "no trees found spawning" when starting up every time it starts. My world has trees and mineserver doesnt appear to have generated any new ones or moved my old ones. A curiosity.

Did I do something wrong? Remember I wasn't using any mods, maybe a few settings from within McMyadmin (things like view distance set to 6, allow snooping no etc) but I dont think those get stored in the map file anyways. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like the world that was generated and I'd like to keep it if possible. Thanks in advance.

Oh - one more thing. If there are some irreconcilable differences between server versions would it be possible for me to use the same world seed from my current server to generate the same terrain from within mineserver? and then maybe import player inventories/ a few chests for my and my pal? It would be a bitch rebuilding my house and re-exploring all the caves I have but if it must be done I guess I can. uhg 3 days of heavy play lost =/
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