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Author Topic: Organised list of suggestions (hope this helps!)  (Read 4581 times)


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Organised list of suggestions (hope this helps!)
« on: November 26, 2010, 11:07:46 pm »
I figured coding something is a pain in the ass, mainly because keeping such a vast thing in order is tricky. So I tried to make a nice list :)

Before I start listing I'll explain how I came to all this....

Basically, the gripes and moans I've heard. And also from running a good server I have some thoughts, which I made into these catagories.


In short I think those are a basic as you can get it, so each of those has some more thoughts....

Griefing :

1. The ability to track a player (if under suspicion), like see their movements and actions, usage of objects, distance from other players etc. Obviously this wouldnt be a good option to have enable all the time but if you think someone is causing trouble, currently its impossible to find out unless you actually catch them doing it. Having a console with some sort of map would be nice, but another option would be to be able to log into the game and the game not say this, the admin/mod would be invisible but be "locked" to the player so he could observe them.

2."flood" protection. Meaning that if a player uses over a specified amount of, say, TNT in a specified amount of time, the server will stop them from using more till an admin or mod can verify no griefing is going on. The same for water or lava and other such items or blocks.

3.Home locking. A user should be able to lock an area around their home so that people cant build or destroy blocks in this area. virtually the same as spawn protection but enabled on a per user basis, obviously a mod or admin would do this. It would however be a pain in the behind for the admins, but saftey is pretty important to me :)

Functionality :

1.Ability to view player profiles and inventories, possibly even modify aspects of it.

2.Threaded processing. This will obviously lower latency, stutters and problems. But I BET you guys are on this already :P

3.Ability to put the damn thing into the tray on windows. I HATE having windows sitting there doing nothing ;)

4.Ability to change things real-time without server restarts. Obviously there are limits to what can be done here but it can suck having to  shut down the server to install a mod or something. Even simple aspects like turning health damage or mobs on and off without a restart would be great.

5.Server supplied textures/sounds and music. I like the idea of this very much. I dont so much care about bandwidth but would like to be able to change music once in a while, maybe let users add content. Like players could be able to draw some picture and import it to a painting that everyone on the server would see.

6.Web interface.

7.Web statistics, so people can view whos online, how many blocks have been destroyed or placed in the last hour. Statistics make geeks wet. I'm a geek with dryness issues.

Security :

1.New players should be able to join and talk to other players, but maybe not be able to build, or destroy things till their account is confirmed by mods or admin. What would be really nice is if the server could email somewhere or update a webpage with info on this.

2.I keep my server offline and private. However anyone that finds it would be welcome to join it. It would be nice if the server holds a password for each player so that people dont use others accounts. To verify someone is who they say they are, at the moment I have to check the IP against previous IP's and so on because while in offline mode the server doesnt verify the person is the real person.

Safety :

1.Automatic back ups, which rotate with xxx amount of spots.

2.World files which dont contain 25,000 files. Ugh, this is such a killer on any system. A virtual file system would be a huge improvement.

3.Automatic detection of problems (for example, if something gets stuck in a loop for xx time) and reseting of the problem.

4.Automatic server restart when no players are on. (cuurently Notchs server will get quite slow and laggy if not restarted after 1-2 days I find).

5.Daily player back ups.

Ok, those are some suggestions that have most likely been made already, but ones I feel would really be nice. Im a little tired right now so I hope the list was understandable, and helpful :)


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Re: Organised list of suggestions (hope this helps!)
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2010, 09:13:41 am »
You should expand a little on the web interface. I'd like to see something along the lines of a control panel for the server...things like stop, start, restart, backup - support for support tickets perhaps, changing worlds, being able to do stuff like that would make managing multiple servers much easier.


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Re: Organised list of suggestions (hope this helps!)
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2010, 09:16:20 am »
I had planned on making a remote control plugin for these kind of purposes and I'm probably going to make a watchdog and/or a plugins manager, well see how things goes.