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Error at end of build. (Visual Studio 2010 build pack)

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Compilation appears to go fine, then I recieve an error in the end which claims mineserver.exe cannot be opened. All the paths appear to be fine; what am I missing?

hmm, the bin dir might not exist in the current repo =/

That appears to be the problem, I quickly added the bin dir during compilation and everything worked fine.

EDIT: Or at least it fixed some of it, now there are several other errors with plugin.cpp that occur near the end and no exe in the zip produced.

(screenshot of other problems)

Could you try installing CMake (www.cmake.org), pointing it to the sources, letting it generate the VS project and compiling those? That will be the preferred compilation path in the future, it should already give better results than the BAT script in the VS2010 buildpack.


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