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Author Topic: Bandwidth  (Read 6800 times)


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« on: May 03, 2011, 06:41:08 pm »
How much Bandwidth do I need for 20 players.


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Re: Bandwidth
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2011, 09:02:57 pm »
This is my bot connecting to the notchian server. The bot was built more or less conforming to this protocol documentation
. As you can see most of the bandwidth is used shortly after connecting, which is when the map chunks are sent. Each map chunk is around 4kb (compressed). The server will send something around 440 chunks, so the bandwidth needed for a connecting user is around 1.7 MB, depending on the world used.

After the map download has completed each client makes up for something between 0.5 and 2 kilobyte per second (assuming the official client behaves similar to my bot).

For more accurate statistics i recommend using a network analysis tool like wireshark (windows) or tcpdump (linux).

Hope this helps.

Code: [Select]
connected!!! (localhost:25565)
mapSeed: 7472066515233072828
34.47kb/s down|0.22kb/s up in 1s
43kb/s down|0.41kb/s up in 2s
31.21kb/s down|0.25kb/s up in 3s
24.07kb/s down|0.21kb/s up in 4s
19.93kb/s down|0.15kb/s up in 5s
15.36kb/s down|0.13kb/s up in 6s
11.08kb/s down|0.11kb/s up in 7s
10.71kb/s down|0.09kb/s up in 8s
9.42kb/s down|0.08kb/s up in 9s
8.68kb/s down|0.09kb/s up in 10s
6.54kb/s down|0.07kb/s up in 11s
7.13kb/s down|0.06kb/s up in 12s
5.78kb/s down|0.06kb/s up in 13s
5.65kb/s down|0.06kb/s up in 14s
6.86kb/s down|0.05kb/s up in 16s
3.86kb/s down|0.04kb/s up in 17s
4.62kb/s down|0.04kb/s up in 18s
5.26kb/s down|0.04kb/s up in 19s
4.5kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 20s
3.85kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 21s
3.84kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 22s
4.36kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 23s
3.67kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 24s
1.62kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 25s
0.16kb/s down|0.03kb/s up in 26s
0.16kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 27s
0.12kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 28s
0.14kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 29s
0.14kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 30s
0.11kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 31s
0.13kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 32s
0.12kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 33s
0.1kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 34s
0.12kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 35s
0.11kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 36s
0.09kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 37s
0.12kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 38s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 39s
0.1kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 40s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 41s
0.1kb/s down|0.02kb/s up in 42s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 43s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 44s
0.08kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 45s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 46s
0.09kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 47s
0.08kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 48s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 49s
0.08kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 50s
0.08kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 51s
0.06kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 52s
0.08kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 53s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 54s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 55s
0.06kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 56s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 57s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 58s
0.07kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 59s
0.05kb/s down|0.01kb/s up in 60s