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Can someone give me there solution folder? I'm really stuck.[vc++10]


As the title says I have been trying to build mineserver 1 on windows using visual studio 10.
But every time I try it when I'm almost done there are error that no one can explain to me.
I attempted it using cmake, the standard build pack, and a few other ways.
But none of them worked and fador couldn't really help much because he uses linux.
So I have been modding the standard java server but I feel much more comfortable in C++.
I would be really happy if someone can help me out.
So what I would need is the project folder (With the solution files and everything) as you use it.
Please take those 3 minutes and save me another month of frustration.

I included the visual studio 2010 project files to the git repository. You can find them from win32\
All you have to do now is to put the files from the build pack to the visual studio directories:

I hope you get it compiled now ;)

More help for compiling mineserver on windows:
Fixed version of the build script for windows / VS2010
It's now included in the Build Pack also, just extract the stuff and run the script.

If you have git installed to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Git\bin\git.exe it should work, otherwise change the script or download mineserver to mineserver\ and remove "rem" from the line "rem goto onlybuild" in the script.

By default the script will delete existing mineserver folder and clone the latest git version from http://github.com/fador/mineserver/, compile it using VS2010 and generate the zip package (if 7zip is found..)

I generated a new binary release for windows: http://mineserver.be/downloads/mineserver_2012_06_15_205000_7dd09525_VS2010.zip

Thank you SOOO much ;D.
I'm downloading it all as we speak.
I'l thank you again when I got it all setup  ;).


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