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I just  downloaded and ran mineserver_2012_12_29_191600_8ca6578c_VS2010.zip. Connected fine with my minecraft 1.4.7 client. The text for the download says it supports 1.4.6 client so that may be causing the problem I saw.

Basically when crafting the inventory goes decidedly wonky. I put two wood in my inventory crafting slots, shift left-click the output. I get 8 planks in my action bar, 4 planks attached to my mouse, and one wood left int he crafting window. I left click my inventory and drop 4 planks there. I then repeat to get 4 more. However when I then click on the 8 in my action bar, they disappear.

Does GitHub require a separate registration? I tried to submit a bug report there but it wouldn't let me log in.

Yeah..shift-clicking is not really working, client assumes something but server doesn't do anything.
There was also some other problems with inventory after one of minecraft update...

Yeah you have to have github account in order to submit bugs, but this is pretty much a known "feature" =/

Wow, fast reply! Thanks.

It's been just over a month, there's been a new release of Minecraft, and only one new post since I started this thread...

Is there any fix for this inventory bug yet? Is there a new version of mineserver out that is compatible with the new client? I cannot see one.

I'm working on inventory stuff.
I'm going to fix shift-clicking and also some new bugs.
1.5 also features new inventory actions where you can "paint" a stack to an area, currently mineserver handles it like you would drop the stack.

I did all the 1.5 changes to mineserver, just didn't compile new win32 binaries. I think I'll fix the inventory stuff before that..

(You might want to follow https://github.com/fador/mineserver/commits/master to see new features ;) )


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