Frequently Asked Questions

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Isn't it illegal to copy Notch's code?!
We have created this software without decompiling the original codes. It's also a bit different in some ways. We only use the same protocol.
What IP address do I have to use?
You have to use either your local or remote IP address. If you're on Windows, go to the command prompt (cmd) and type "ipconfig" to find out which IP address you should use.
Can I use Hamachi?
Yes, you can use Hamachi. The IP address you need to put in Mineserver's configuration file is your Hamachi IP address.
Is there a built-in GUI?
We have plugin for NCurses gui but there won't be built-in GUI.
Can you run this on Windows XP?
How can I find out what my remote IP address is?
Go to [1].