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Parameters that are marked with <> (example: <player>) are required. Parameters marked with [] (example: [reason]) are optional. Usage example: "/kick johntheminer this is test kick"

For all players

Command Description
/help [<commandname>] Displays help text showing all commands and their description, or, if <commandname> given, displays description text for that command.
/players, /who Lists online players
/about Server name & version
/rules Show server rules
/home Teleports player to map spawn location
/motd Display Message Of The Day
/dnd Do Not Disturb - toggles whether the player receives chat & private messages

Admin only

Command Description
/save Manually save map to disc
/ctp <x> <y> <z> Teleport to coordinates (eg. /ctp 100 100 100)
/tp <player> Teleport yourself to <player>'s position
/tp <player1> <player2> Teleport <player1> to <player2>
/give <player> <id/alias> [count] Gives <player> [count] pieces of <id/alias>. By default [count] = 1. Supports over 64 items. Aliases configurable in item_alias.cfg
/i <id/alias> [count] Gives self [count] pieces of <id/alias>. By default [count] = 1.
/rules <player> Shows server rules (from rules.txt) to <player>
/gps [player] Without [player] shows own coordinates & heading. With [player] shows [player]'s coordinates & heading
/settime <time> Sets server time. <time> = 0-24000 (0 and 24000 is day and about 15000 is night)
/world <worldnumber> Teleport to another world defined in config.cfg. Worlds are in ALPHABETIC order.