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Mineserver uses a collection of text files for configuration. They can be edited in any regular text editor and follow the format of key = value.

List of files:



This is the main configuration file where you will set the core options for the server. A default config file is provided with each distribution of Mineserver.

Available Options

Name Description Optional Default
ip Specifies the IP to bind to. Y
port The port that the server will listen on. Y 25565
servername The name of the server as displayed to the client and on the server list. N
userlimit The number of users allowed to be connected at any one time. Y 50
map_release_time The amount of time (in seconds) that a chunk will be kept in memory for without being accessed or modified. Y 10
use_whitelist Defines the usage of a whitelist. Y false
mapdir The directory where the map data will be held. N testmap
wrong_protocol_message The text displayed to clients if their version of Minecraft is incorrect. N Wrong protocol version
server_full_message The text displayed to clients if the server is full when they try to join. N Server is currently full
default_kick_message The message sent to a client when they are kicked _if_ no message is specified. N This is a default kick message
default_banned_message The message sent to a client when they try to log on, and are banned. N You have been banned from this server
default_whitelist_message If a player is not on the whitelist, this gets sent to them. N You are not on the whitelist
kit_<name> A comma separated list of items to give to players when they use the /kit <name> command. Any number of kits can be defined. Y kit_starter = "273, 274, 275, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50"
liquid_physics Whether or not to simulate water/lava physics. Y true
map_flatland Whether or not to generate flatland maps. Y false


This is a set of item name/id pairs for use with the /give command and other parts of the application. Multiple item names can be defined for a single ID by simply using it twice.


This is a list of administrators, one per line.


This file holds the message of the day, displayed to users as they connect or use /motd.


This file holds the rules, displayed to users when they use /rules.