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Installation of Mineserver is generally trouble-free, but this page should offer a little more detail for those who desire it. Right now only source distributions are available; this will change once there is a stable release.


Binary Packages

This will be written up when there are binary releases available.

Source Distributions


Mineserver requires 3 external libraries: zlib, libevent and libnoise. The method of obtaining these libraries may differ system to system, so consult your operating system's manual.


Installation is generally very simple and consists of just a few steps.

  1. Obtain source
  2. Install prerequisites
  3. Build Mineserver
  4. Edit config

Obtaining the Source Code

The source code for Mineserver is available from GitHub and in future as tarballs for stable revisions.

Checking out the source from git is straightforward: simply clone the repository from GitHub and it's ready to be compiled. An explanation of how to use git is outside the scope of this article, but there are plentiful resources on the topic to be found with your favourite search engine.

Installing prerequisites


(needs to be filled in)

Debian and Similar

To build software on Debian, the build-essential package is required. This package will provide you with the basic gcc/g++ toolchain. The prerequisites for Mineserver can be found in the packages zlib1g-dev, libevent-dev and libnoise-dev.

Building Mineserver


(needs to be filled in)

Debian and Similar

To build the mineserver binary, simply enter the src directory in the source distribution and run make. If you receive errors referring to missing files, check that you have all the prerequisites installed.

Editing the Config

This part is nice and easy. Grab the default config files from the bin directory in the distribution and view the configuration article to get accustomed with the options available.