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Things we need to do

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Note that these are not prioritized; items are placed in no specific order as they are added to the list


  • Redstone
  • Minecarts/boats
  • Projectile tracking (Can be thrown/shoot but server has no idea of the positions)
  • Mobs (There's already PassiveMobs plugin that can be used as a base to make improvements)
  • Base Entity class and subclass other Entities from it
  • Entity tracking (So that drops flow with water)
  • New chunk storage format
  • Chunk loading/saving plugin API stuff
  • TNT


  • Water/Lava working (currently water is flowing but buggy)
  • Chunk sending fix (first send prechunks and then chunks), this might cause currently client to crash.
  • Fix user spawn-handling (Currently causes invisible players)


To Do before version 0.0.16:

  • Projectile Tracking